DaaS a rising value for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses!


What is DaaS?  DaaS or Desktop as a Service is a Cloud Computing Service where a provider is hosting the backend of a Virtual Desktop.  Some reasons why DaaS are good options are:


    1. It is a perfect fit for small or mid-sized businesses: DaaS allows small and mid-sized businesses the opportunity to procure VDI (Virtual Desktop) without the need for an on premise VDI infrastructure.  This allows small to mid-sized businesses to mitigate the risk of a huge capital investment.
    2. DaaS is a cost reducing solution: With the use of DaaS services from vendors like Nuvastack Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), the capital expense of hardware devices and their installation can be completely mitigated. This can be replaced by monthly OpEx’s to access DaaS
    3. No more Stack to manage: Who wants to manage a stack and spend countless hours updating and patching?  With DaaS your team know longer has to worry.
    4. Easy Procurement: Since DaaS allows users to access the software on any computer associated with an internet service, users of this technology can access the VDI on common, inexpensive computers. This saves money by negating the need to install specialized, expensive computer systems.
    5. More Robust Security: Most often the vendors of DaaS, have more power, knowledge and capital required to invest in procuring the software security features than small and mid-sized businesses need. Therefore, it makes DaaS a more robust solution, providing, reliability, and most importantly, Security for your business!
    6. More Scalability with DaaS: Using DaaS means your business is more scalable.  It allows your infrastructure and end users to grow as you grow!  Why invest thousands of dollars on an infrastructure and carry the risk on your businesses shoulders?
    7. 24X7 Support: With the use of DaaS you get the support and knowledge that your business needs to help remedy the problems of failure.  Free up your IT time to allow them to focus on their projects that matter most!
    8. Redundancy and Disaster Recovery:  No more needing to worry about a disaster happening at your headquarters.  With most DaaS solutions all your information is secured and redundant with next generation technologies!



  1. No need for huge changes: A solid internet connection is all you need to enjoy DaaS services. Local power shortages, dysfunctional hardware devices and other disruptive forces are absent while accessing VDI via DaaS.
  2. Free up valuable IT Resources: DaaS does not require significant IT resources, this allows your IT team to focus on projects helping to drive Business Revenues and provide faster support.
  3. Mobility: In today’s world, mobility is everything…imagine the expenses involved with VPN configurations enabling your organization to be mobile, let alone security.  With DaaS your business is as mobile and secure as anyone in the industry!
  4. Customer Satisfaction:  Customer Satisfaction is everything for a service company to be successful!  There are many different types of “As a Service” offerings, DaaS is one the hottest services in the technology industry!

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