DisruptiveTek Difference

Taking Charge in IT transformation

Today, in an IT world dominated by “The Cloud” and “As a Service,” CIOs understand the critical importance of transforming their organization’s IT environment. Enterprises must move from a rigid, on premise legacy model to an agile, adaptive, business-centric approach. Information Technology should be a strategic asset that helps drive the efficiencies, goals, and revenues rather than a costly requirement of doing business.

This transformation requires nothing short of scrapping the legacy buy and build mentality and adopting an integration and consulting mindset. The future is made with modular, scalable, and adaptive IT assets and capabilities defined and provisioned on-demand.

DisruptiveTek has the answer and the resources to help businesses make this transformation.

Delivering Solutions Beyond Expectations

DisruptiveTek provides a unique client experience that is truly beyond compare. From our wide array of partners and our years of experience in advocating for our clients, we become a true part of your team, from implementation to support, we’ve laid the groundwork to guarantee solutions beyond expectations.

Adaptive and Agile Solutions

Leading companies embrace disruption as a means to be agile and innovative. DisruptiveTek designs its solutions around these thought leaders. Our fully customized solutions offer innovation that’s scalable and flexible. Our solution engineers work with you to design a system tailored for your unique business needs.

Project Management and Representation

Great solutions require attention to detail at every stage of implementation. At DisruptiveTek, every client remains with the same team for the lifetime of the engagement.  Project management for all solution implementations, activations and service changes are included with every solution to ensure we deliver your desired outcome.