Hybrid Cloud… A good Choice for Business?

Hybrid Cloud… A good Choice for Business?


Businessman drawing a Cloud Computing diagram on the whiteboard

Which cloud solution is right for your business? Learn more in this blog post by our VP, Andrew Harris.

Over the past decade, Technology Virtualization has been evolving.  The Cloud industry has seen rapid growth.  This evolution as cloud services are able to offer more robust and solid solutions that are important to business operations, this allows businesses to enable their growth, mitigate their risks, and focus on their business initiatives without huge capital investments.  Customers continue to realize and discover the value in utilizing their infrastructure demands as a service.

In most cases marketing departments tend to make the cloud seem like a mystical creature that is only understood by cloud experts.  But it can be put in laymen terms and that it is simply an IT service where storage, compute, and data processing occur on infrastructure that is external to the organization.  Information is delivered back to the organization over the internet, through SD-WAN, MPLS, or VPN connections.  The concept of cloud can take many forms…Like Software, COTs Applications, infrastructure, DaaS, DRaaS, etc.  With all of these services they all have one common factor, they do not run onsite for an organization, instead they run offsite being utilized as a service.  This again eliminates capital expenditures, mitigates risk, and enables the organization to grow as need…Scalability and Mobility!

With a hybrid cloud model, organizations do not fully offload all of their data and processing to cloud servers, some servers remain onsite while some are deployed into the cloud.  There are many benefits to deployments of this type:  Organizations are able to continue utilizing infrastructure that is already payed for but not end of life.  This allows organizations to realize the scalability and dependability that the cloud has to offer.  Another major advantage of cloud computing is the OpEx Model; this allows organizations to only pay for the resources they are consuming.  Scalability…when times are busy or as a company grows, additional resources and infrastructure can be added or removed as needed, hence mitigating risk by making large capital purchases.  Solutions like this provide tremendous opportunity for organizations to scale up and down with their business!

DRaaS, a common hybrid cloud deployment.  With this model an organization is able to fully replicate infrastructure to the cloud.  This means in the event of a disaster, all of the companies computing resources can be brought back online to a fully operational state.  This approach offers for beyond what can be provided by an offsite backup solution.  There is no need to be dependent on rebuilding, replacing, or restoring information and hardware, but instead allows your business to be fully replicated to an infrastructure in cloud for a fraction of the replacement cost of onsite hardware.

Numerous reports show, public cloud use continues to grow by an annual rate of 50 percent. Clearly this shows that companies continue to be attracted too scalable, flexible, infrastructure solutions that provide easy access and robust security.  Cloud providers continue to improve their track records by the increase of customers that are jumping on board the evolution of technology.  The hybrid cloud solution is an excellent way for organizations to start taking advantage of as a service solution while mitigating risks, enabling growth, cutting costs, and utilizing the robust solutions!

At Disruptivetek.com we specialize in working with solutions like this.  We have the resources to align and engage the providers that execute.  Fill out the contact form or give us a call today for a Free assessment and start taking advantage of the many different options available.  Toll Free 800.950.5490

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