DaaS a rising value for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses!

What is DaaS?  DaaS or Desktop as a Service is a Cloud Computing Service where a provider is hosting the backend of a Virtual Desktop.  Some reasons why DaaS are good options are:   It is a perfect fit for small or mid-sized businesses: DaaS allows small and mid-sized businesses the opportunity to procure VDI (Virtual Desktop) without the need for an on premise VDI […]

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Hybrid Cloud… A good Choice for Business?

Hybrid Cloud… A good Choice for Business?

  Which cloud solution is right for your business? Learn more in this blog post by our VP, Andrew Harris. Over the past decade, Technology Virtualization has been evolving.  The Cloud industry has seen rapid growth.  This evolution as cloud services are able to offer more robust and solid solutions that are important to business operations, this allows businesses to enable their growth, mitigate their risks, and […]

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